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IF you want to burn HUGE CALORIES, LOSE WEIGHT and BODY FAT, TONE the BODY, IMPROVE your FITNESS, make NEW FRIENDS, have FUN and get RESULTS then come join us! Whoop Whoop!

Zumba Class Weymouth Dorchester Lou Sams Zumba Heat
Zumba Class Weymouth Dorset
Zumba Toning Classes Weymouth Dorchester Lou Sams
Zumba Class Weymouth Dorchester Lou Sams Zumba Heat
Lou Sams Zumba Heat Race For Life Warm Up Dorchester Dorset
Lou Sams Zumba Sentao Class (chair work for legs, tum and bum) Weymouth Dorchester
Lou Sams Zumba heat Class Weymouth Dorchester
Aqua Zumba Riveria Weymouth Lou Sams Zumba Heat
Aqua Zumba Class at Warmwell Holiday Park Dorchester
Lou Sams Zumba Sentao Class (chair work for legs, tum and bum) Weymouth Dorchester
Lou Sams Zumba Heat Class Weymouth Dorchester Dorset
Lou Sams Zumba Heat Fitness Class Weymouth Dorchester Dorset

Zumba Fitness with me really is "the fun way to exercise". It's a huge calorie burning, effective, total body workout combining latin- inspired and cardio-dance choreography which is suitable for EVERYONE - ALL ABILITIES, AGES, GENDERS and FITNESS LEVELS. You do not need to know any dance moves or be co-ordinated because as long as you are moving you are working out!


This class is an Amazing atmosphere and an Awesome workout to a variety of great music. IF you are wanting to BURN CALORIES, LOSE WEIGHT, TONE YOUR BODY, IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS or simply FEEL GOOD and make new friends then come join us!

Lou Sams Zumba Heat Toning Class Weymouth Dorchester Dorset

Zumba Toning adds another dimension to the Zumba Fitness workout resulting in muscle tone, more calorie burning and improved strength.


Using 1Ib Toning sticks (which I supply) I incorporate routines to music using the Toning Sticks. The challenge of adding the resistance of the weights targets the whole upper body - toning and sculpting the arms, shoulders, back, core and also posture.


The Toning sticks are a beneficial addition to the Zumba class but if anyone has any shoulder or arm problems they do not need to be used. Your arms will be toned ready for those little sleeveless numbers!


Zumba Sentao is a high-intensity workout which specifically targets the STOMACH, LEGS, BUM and HIPS by adding resistance based choreography to great fun music! This further addition to the class will step up the CALORIE BURNING by STRENGTHENING and BALANCING your CORE and TONING the LOWER BODY.


This is a great and effective workout where the chair will be your dance partner, giving you a very effective, and fun workout in half the time of other stomach and leg exercises.



Aqua Zumba Classes Weymouth Dorchester Dorset

AQUA Zumba known as the 'Zumba Pool Party' is a super addictive workout enjoyed in the water. A safe, challenging and exhilirating workout for the whole body. This class will burn huge CALORIES, TONE the WHOLE BODY and IMPROVE FITNESS levels. Perfect also for anyone less abled; or suffering from injury, back, knee, shoulder or any other joint problems. The body is protected and cushioned by the water enabling you to move more freely and strengthen the muscles. A great fun, choreographed class to latin and your favourite music, 'Your bums, legs and tum will love you for it!'

Lou Sams - Zumba Heat
About Me


Hi my name is Lou Sams of Zumba-Heat and I would like to welcome you to all my Zumba and Aqua Zumba classes.


I am a very passionate and dedicated Instructor and feel very honoured to have so many lovely people in my classes. I am fully qualified to teach Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Glutes, and Zumba Core. I also have the advanced level of training in Pro Skills and B2 in Zumba. ALL my classes are for everyone, all ages, fitness levels, genders and sizes.


I strongly believe that exercise should be part of life but it must be something that is fun and enjoyable and that is what I always aim to bring to you. As a former professional dancer, I understand how to make routines easy to follow, effective and fun! I promise that you do not need to be co-ordinated or have any dancing background because as long as you are moving you are working out! If you are searching for that exercise class that you look forward to attending each week, and that gives you big results too then my classes are for you!


I look forward to meeting you in class!

"Whoop Whoop" !! xxx



Me and Beto Perez, Founder of Zumba!

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Zumba Class at Wey Valley School Sports Hall
Zumba Toning using Toning Sticks to tone the arms and upper body
chair work for tummy, legs, bum